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Left:- Private Dwelling. Orkney Aggregates Materials: Heddle Quarry Cut Facing Stone, Tuscan Dashing Chips on white cement. Contractor: B Thomson, Drury, Holm
Centre:- Old Pheonix Site. Orkney Aggregates Materials: Tuscan Dashing Chips on buff cement, Heddle Quarry Cut Facing Stone. Contractor: Orkney Builders (Contractors) Ltd
Right:- Ingavoe Housing, Berstane Rd. Orkney Aggregates Materials: Harvest Tegular Paviours, Pink Calcined Flint Dashing Chips on white cement. Contractor: Orkney Builders (Contractors) Ltd
These products are available at our Hatston Industrial Estate premises.


Concrete Colouring Mix

Design Mixes

Concrete quality system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and BS 5328.

75mm target slump and a water reducing admixture.
C7/20   C7/14   C7/10  
C10/20   C10/14   C10/10  
C20/20   C20/14   C20/10  
C25/20   C25/14   C25/10  
C30/20   C30/14   C30/10  
C35/20   C35/14   C35/10  
C40/20   C40/14   C40/10  
Minimum charge: 10.95

Standard, equivalent designated, pump and client specific mixes are also available.

We can supply fibre reinforced, granolithic, air entrained or underwater concrete. We can do sulphate resistant cement mixes and add concrete retarder to prolong workability.

Concrete Delivery

6 m Truck  per hour
7.5m Truck - when delivering over 6 m per hour
The minimum charge is 1 hour and there will be an additional charge for call-outs and for working Sundays.

Cube Testing

Curing and testing for Density and Compressive strength.
Testing Cube delivered to our premises  each
Taking sample from mix at time of batching, making and testing cube each


We stock Lafarge (Blue Circle) and white cement.
Lafarge Cement in 25kg bag  per 25kg
Lafarge Cement per pallet (60x25kg bags) per pallet
Mastercrete in 25kg bags  each
Mastercrete per pallet (60x 25kg bags) each
White Cement in 25kg bag  per 25kg

Concrete Additives

Darafill (Foam Concrete)  per bag
Daracem 170 (Super Plasticiser)  per litre
Daratard (Retarder)  per litre
Daraset (Accelerator)  per litre
Conplast UW (Underwater Additive) - Added to mix (3kg per m) per m
Air-Entrainer AE3P (puts air in concrete, like aero bars!)  per m
Cemfiber (Fine Fibre Reinforcement)  per m
Decobio (Shuttering Oil)  per litre
Freeflow (Waterproofer)  per litre
Strux 90/40 (Course Fibre Reinforcer)  per 2.3kg bag


3-1        per m
3-1 Smaller Mixer     per 1 batch    per batch
4-1        per m
A full batch in the small mixer is 0.09m.


Mix up to 6:1  per m
7:1 / 8:1  per m
10:1  per m

Specialist Concrete Mixes

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