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Please note that the company cannot be held responsible for the natural fading of colours, or the fading of colours due to the phenomenon of efflorescence inherent in all top quality products with high cement content. This will generally weather off in the course of time.

House Construction

All our sills and lintels are reinforced with high-tensile steel and made of C30 reinforced concrete.
Steel mould sills and stock sizes of lintels go from 800 mm to 2.5m. The sills increase in 100mm increments and the lintels in 200mm.
Floated Finish sills can be made in any length you want, up to 3.5m, and lintels can be any size up to 5m. If we donít have the size you want in stock, we can make it in approximately one week.
There is a one metre minimum charge.

Lintels (view images)

Lintels normally have a textured finish to allow the rendering to adhere to them, but you can request a fair-finish on one, two or three sides. Add £6.40 per metre for one fair-face side and £11.40 for two or three.
215h x 100w - (in stock) metre
215h x 140w - (in stock) metre
140h x 140w - (made to order) metre
215h x 215w - (made to order) metre
Chimney Lintel  metre
White, buff, charcoal or terracotta lintels 30% extra.

Sills (view images)

Floated finish - available for cavity wall or kit houses
Steel mould available for kit houses
Wood Float Sill - 280x110mm (for cavity walls) metre
Wood Float Sill - 200x100mm (for kit houses) metre
Steel Mould Sill - 205x100mm (for kit houses) metre
White, buff, charcoal or terracotta sills 30% extra.

Door Steps

300mm wide x 150mm high. Weight 99kg per metre.
Steel Mould: 900, 1000, 1100, 1200mm long.
Floated Finish: any length.
Minimum price 1 metre.
Door Step - Steel Mould  metre
Door Step - Floated Finish  metre

Clothes Poles (view images)

Clothes poles  each

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