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Quarry Materials

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Quarry materials are tested regularly to ensure compliance with British Standards.


A stock of Quarry materials is stored at the Hatston Industrial Estate for customers who wish to collect smaller quantities.


Materials are available in bulk bags, at an additional £4 per tonne.

Heddle Quarry Prices

Scalpings - (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³) tonne
30mm down material, suitable for road and track repairs. Moderate moisture content and contains some clay.
Blasted Rock - (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³) tonne
Material extracted by blasting from the quarry face. Sizes vary from 2 tonne stones down to dust.
Quarry Dust - (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³) tonne
Mainly used for blinding (topping) driveways and roads. Also used for bedding paving slabs and water pipes.
Road Material / Crusher Run - (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³) tonne
100 / 150mm down material: Ideal for roads and site works when there is no engineer’s specification to be met. Suitable for shallow excavations (up to 150mm).
Track Material (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³ per tonne
125mm down unscreened material, contains some clay. Ideal for upmake sites and constructing roads for light traffic, also excellent infill for farm gateways.
Building Stone  POA
Selected quarried stone suitable for traditional dry-stone dykes. Palletised or loose
Boulders  per tonne
Large dimensional stone ranging from 500kgs to 3000kgs. Suitable for coastal protection and for building retaining walls (as used below Cromwell Road, Kirkwall).
Rock Armour  per tonne
Selected stone ranging from 50kg to 350kg (approximately 400 – 650mm). Recommended for coastal protection (as used on Kirkwall Harbour Front). Please order well in advance.
Standing Stones up to 4 metres POA
As used at the Heddle Quarry entrance, these can be up to 4 metres in length. It is recommended that you arrange to visit the Quarry to see what is available.

Materials ex. Hatston Industrial Estate

 Under 2 Tonnes - Price per Tonne2 Tonnes & Over - Price per TonneIn Bulk Bag - Price per TonneSmall Bags - Price per Bag
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